étic can provide a professional communication system in the following domains:


  • company and industrial sites

  • procurement contracts (tunnels, stadiums...)

  • public transports (trains, urban transports, airports...)

  • emergency services (fire, police, medical and public health, civil and military security, mountains...)

  • maritime and aerial navigation

  • events (sports, culture, tourism...)





By definition, the data communication channel using wireless technologies is much broader than the one using wired technologies. Therefore, to insure an optimal quality of transmission and communication range, it is necessary to adapt the tools to the environment in which they will be used.


étic’s expertise spans over the entire radiocommunication tool range:


  • professional radiocommunication networks

  • réseaux cellulaires (téléphonie mobile)

  • Wi-Fi networks

  • communication by satellite

  • broadcasting, radars

  • airwaves





The implementation of your communication tool will go through three key steps:


  • the audit

  • the planning and the dimensioning

  • the deployment





Using the latest measuring tools as well as its expertise in the study of diagnostic results, permit étic to control and analyse the measures of your facilities.

Our process consists in an in-depth analysis of your site by:



étic also intervenes in case of disruptions in your radiocommunication system by diagnosing its dysfunctions (if necessary, detection of responsibilities in case of prosecution).



Planning & dimensioning


The approach of étic is based on the implementation of new radiocommunication systems and the optimisation of your network. While tacking into consideration the constraints and specificity of your area of use, étic will try to find the ideal combination between:


  • the typology and distribution of the users

  • the placement and distribution of the transmitters / receptors

  • the establishment of the zones that have to be covered and the coverage

  • the availability and accessibility of the sites

  • the financial aspects

  • the operation and maintenance criteria


étic is one of the few holders in Switzerland that has the experience to use specialised software that allow to make simulations of all these points. Test measurements complete the findings of the equipment. By formally committing itself to the results obtained by its measuring tools, étic masters and guarantees its diagnostic.

Therefore – in a tailor-made approach geared exclusively to your situation – étic, basing itself on one side on your needs and objectives, and on the other on the results of the audit, will give you precise recommendations about:


  • the appropriate technology or technologies

  • the location(s)

  • the dimensioning


This recommendation comes in the form of a written document that is thoroughly explained before beginning the deployment phase.





Independence and impartiality


étic is an independent company whose capital is wholly owned by its associates. Furthermore, to avoid all risk of influence when it conceives a system or issues recommendations, étic does not commercialise any material or software. This financial independence and impartiality in the choice of providers guarantee the safeguard and protection of your interests.



The employees of étic have been empowered by official administrations to engage in all the administrative and legal procedures, as well as contractual negotiations, which will allow the implementation of your radiocommunication system.



Administrative and legal procedures



The employees of étic are veterans in the management of files for procurement contracts.





In order to optimise the number of access points and their arrangement to obtain maximal coverage and performance, étic integrates in its process :


  • the research of sites

  • tenders to selected technology providers and trade corporations

  • the specifications and recommendations that are to select the providers

  • help in the contract drafting

  • construction management (control and monitoring)

  • function tests 

  • a complete verification of the adequacy between the initial demand and the obtained result

  • assistance in the commissioning

  • training

When the communication media using wired technologies, or the interconnection services offered by providers, don’t meet your needs, the use of a radiocommunication system, commonly referred to as wireless telecommunication, is the optimal solution.
étic analyses, conceives, adapts and implants the installation of RADIOCOMMUNICATION systems that correspond to your needs.

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